Having facebook page is a great business tool - for some business. There's no point spending time and money on a facebook presence if your audience is using LinkedIn!

There’s much more to harnessing the marketing potential of the digital world than simply getting a website together. Strategy comes first.

What is your vision? Who is your market? What needs and goals do they have? How can online assets fulfil your business and customer opportunities? What are your competitors doing online?

Get answers to these questions and you’ll have the starting point for an effective digital strategy. We’ll work with you to craft a document that will be worth its weight in gold. It will describe a strategy that’s dynamic, integrated, achievable and measurable.
Remember, in the web age, digital strategy and business strategy are one and the same.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy takes the guess work out. We research what Social Networking tools your target market uses, when, and how. Then we come up with a strategy to target your audience, and present this in a report.

Oxford Digital is a full service internet marketing agency. At Oxford we achieve excellent results using an integrated digital marketing model across email, viral marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and strategic planning.

We’ve been helping businesses define their online strategy to achieve rapid growth since the late 90′s. We have the credentials to walk the walk. We don’t waste your time with futuristic views on the latest fad and we don’t push a particular barrow

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