From hosting the smallest web site to the biggest web infrastructure projects, our team of experts helps to deliver amazing web projects.

As a Digital Agency with a LOT of hosting accounts (we have a lot of side-projects and like to experiment), we’ve got a pretty good idea of what defines a good web host.

Most people can get a bit overwhelmed with all the hosting options out there (+ all the different features to look at, like bandwidth, disk space, usability, support, etc.), and combine that with the added complexity of hosting a site and protecting its content, no wonder it can get confusing. To put your mind at ease, we have super affordable plans which gets you speedy uploads and amazing performance. We use world’s best servers with top–notch support.

We are focused on doing business differently and better than our competitors.

We offer various web hosting plans to cater to web hosting requirements of virtually all scales and budgets. All our accounts are hosted on ultra-fast servers with Tier-1 internet connectivity, and are packed with features, including spam filtering, free emails and secure server access. Our accounts also provide a powerful, but easy-to-use web control panel for account maintenance.

Our Difference
Here are just some of the ways that we differ from other web hosting services in India:

  • Low prices for premium quality web hosting services. Why not have your cake and eat it too?
  • Friendly customer service. Not just a fast response to your technical enquiries - we are also down-to-earth friendly people who actually like answering questions.

  • So whether you're considering transferring from your existing web hosting service or setting up a new website, be sure to get in contact with us.

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